What treatment shall I start with?

This depends on what your main personal goals and motives are.

The most common reasons - not in a particular order - are the following:

a. Stress / Desire for well-being
b. Beauty / Cosmetics
c. Desire for ideal weight
d. Muscle tension and pain, also concerning the joints 

A), b) and c) - Stress / desire for well-being, facial cosmetics and weight loss:

Those programs that are designed to relieve stress and to achieve well-being, beauty and weight loss usually begin in the same way:

1st - Skin cleaning and detoxification. Purging products prepare the skin for cosmetic treatments and soothe it before getting started with anti-stress programs. The lymphatic system is cleared as well. Thus, the blood circulation is stimulated, which is advantageous for weight reduction treatments.

1.1 - For body treatments we usually start with:
- Body exfoliation
- Sea salt poultice
- Sea salt and mud poultice
- Herbal poultice
These treatments - whether individually or in combination with the thermal circuit - ideally prepare the body for any subsequent treatment.

1.2 - For facial treatments:
- Cleansing
- Oxygenation treatments
Also possible in combination with the cleansing treatments above and the thermal circuit. Combined with each of these treatments the lymphatic drainage (for the facial area or the whole body) can optimally free the body of toxins.

2 - Massages control and rejuvenate the energy flow and simultaneously free the mind. As they help the body provide the required energy balance and thus allow optimal absorption of active ingredients of subsequent treatments, they also play an important role in the beginning of the course of treatment.
We recommend:
- Massage with hot stones
- Shiatsu Massage
- Sensitive Massage
- Reflexology

d) - Pain and tensions concerning muscles and joints

If you suffer from pain affecting the muscles or joints, it is important to begin the treatment directly at the affected areas - whether a single treatment or several ones combined.

For this, we especially recommend the following treatments in this order:

- Thermal circuit
- Antiphlogistic poultice for the respective part of the body
- Stretching massage to relieve tensions at the affected body part

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